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Christian Falch


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Torstein Parelius


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Haakon Wuttudal

Production manager

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Fredrik Akselsen


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Karina Cifuentes

Researcher / Translator

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Gammaglimt AS is a Norwegian documentary production company based in Orkanger. We were founded by documentary producer and scriptwriter Christian Falch in 2003, and our first documentary was released in 2006. Since then we have produced documentary films for the Norwegian and international festival, TV and DVD market. Our films have been screened at multiple festivals and TV-stations around the world, and we also do international co-production of feature documentaries.

The manager Christian Falch is also a producer for Faction Film (N) and Bivrost Film (N). He is educated in TV Production from Idefagskolen in T√łnsberg, Norway, graduated from EuroDoc in 2013 and is a member of EDN.

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